Barkavenue pet owner’s can customize a care package that suits your needs
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An on demand short term engagement which is non recurring.

This is a recurring service that is typically budled with our other services,

This is a scheduled arrangement in which I stay on premise with the pets or return at a predeterminined interval.

Evenyone has to work and have other obligations, so I offer my services to drive and accompany your pets to their vet appointments, dog parks, groomer.

This is an addon service to our overnight care and pet sitting services. Upon review of the protocols in place we will determine if this is feasible

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Recommendation letters

Tereza has been a piece of mind for me when it comes to leave my cats at home while traveling. I have used her services so far 4 times, and couldn’t be happier. One of my cats is very skittish of new people, and he loves her. I’ve met Tereza in a pet event where she was helping shelter dogs to be up for adoption. After that, she became my permanent pet sitter.

She sends me videos whenever she arrives and Theo my youngest cat, plays for the whole 30 minutes basically. They are my whole, and usually people say that cats can stay alone for even 2,3 days as long as they have food. My cats doesn’t like to go inside the litter box when is dirty and water must be always fresh! No counting that they do feel lonely! So when I need she goes one or two times a day to clean up and give them some love. It’s priceless! Please don’t hesitate to call me or text me if needed. I have recommended Tereza multiple times and always will. I trust her at my home and with my cats with eyes closed.

- Bruna Fernandez
My wife and I are so grateful for Tereza and Barkavenue pets. My wife and I have 4 large dogs and we work fulltime, so to say the least “it is a lot to manage!” Tereza comes to the house twice a week for 4 hours (Tuesday and Friday) and handles everything for us. No kidding: feeding, walking, laundry, pet medication, and of course lots of love and affection.

In addition to her biweekly visits, having her comfortable and confident with caring for our dogs, it has allowed us to also travel and take vacations without having to worry about boarding 4 dogs.

She has spent a few weekends here at the house, when we have traveled and I cannot tell you how much stress that has alleviated. She is truly remarkable with our crazy bunch of potcakes and they all truly enjoy her company. We don’t know what we would do without her.

- Brain Reed